Project and Solutions

System Integration
It combines different system together such as: counters, mail, fax, messages on phone, video communications, whit the aim to strengthen structures/organization/ original organisations.
System Integration integrates systems that allow dialogue between heterogeneous layout in order to create functional structure, to use the potentiality of single origin systems to create new features.

Networking & Cabling
Networking & Cabling operations are useful for IT Network projects, creations and services such as:
LAN (Local Area Network) is a network connection between computers also extensible to shared peripheral devices that cover a small area, such as a house, school or a single office.
WAN (Wide Area Network) is a network connection in optical fiber that extends over a large geographic area such as distant offices. They are a form of telecommunication network that can connect local or global devices connected via backbone (a high-speed transmission connection). Many Wan are private and used for a particular organisation.
Contact Center is an advanced call centre which integrates telecommunication functions (such as distant communications between two, three or more persons through electronical device) with informative system (all technical means, organizational procedures, human resource to deal with information management) adding other instruments or communication channels like counter, mail fax, messages on mobile phone, video communications, ecc.
It isn’t like common call center, the contact center is a new contact managing mode and customer relations, with a larger strategic and planning vision.
The main difference between contact and call Center is the interactivity: Contact centre carries out support and information activities to customers from which to receive inbound calls, while call center makes outbound calls.
This is a fully automatic service opens 24 hours a day, including holidays with the operator help, information and online service.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) a successful business strategy: it is a new method of work and process management that enables a better organisation. It allows to increase company turnover with a high customer satisfaction.
CRM established a new market vision that focuses of a business on being customer-centric instead of product; It is a strategy that companies use to manage interactions with existing and potential customers, it helps to increase profitability of the loyal customers understanding their needs.
CRM can be divided into three big areas:
OPERATIONAL: with CRM applications that refer to the costumer that support the activity of:
Back office for order processing; front office for sales force and marketing automation, mobile office activity for agents and another services support.
ANALYTICAL: It is the data collection and analysis phase, that allows to organize the knowledge to support management decisions.

IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) is a system that allows incoming callers to access information from a keyboard. IVR system provides playing a set of pre-recorded messages from a multiple-choice menu memorizing data from a clipboard and sending fax.
One of the tasks of IVR is to lighten the load of calls of the operators, it can provide standard information (for example:  opening and closing hours, cost of services and addresses).

MOBILITY (fixed and mobile telephony integration).replika saat
It allows to be always available with a single number. To take advantage of all VoIP telephone exchange also offsite.
Mobility solution makes everything possible, by integrating phone like internal telephone exchange users.

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