CRM (Customer Relationship Management) a successful business strategy: it is a new method of work and process management that enables a better organisation. It allows to increase company turnover with a high customer satisfaction.
CRM established a new market vision that focuses of a business on being customer-centric instead of product; It is a strategy that companies use to manage interactions with existing and potential customers, it helps to increase profitability of the loyal customers understanding their needs.
CRM can be divided into three big areas:

  • OPERATIONAL: with CRM applications that refer to the costumer that support the activity of:
  • Back office for order processing; front office for sales force and marketing automation, mobile office activity for agents and another services support.
  • ANALYTICAL: It is the data collection and analysis phase, that allows to organize the knowledge to support management decisions.
  • COLLABORATIVE: it allows to establish personalized relationship with customers through multi-channel. It is made by different communication tools with which customer can interact for example e-mail, calls, fax and website.

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