Load Talk

Load talk is the innovative virtual Call Center ables to make thousands of automatic calls at one time. The main function is to forward promotional and information messages, by reaching potential and proper clients target, after a recorded information through a small investment in hardware or telephone infrastructure.
With hardware and telephone infrastructure you can realize a messaging service, you can interact with the receiver of the call.
We offer the possibility to manage real Telemarketing campaign, without the operator support, but with an Automatic Telephone Dialer, which means an useful program for the creation of internet connection with pc.
The Automatic Dialer can do thousands calls in a short time, playing a pre-recorded message realized from professional speakers or by the use of Text of Speech software.

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How does LOAD TALK? work?

LOAD TALK is a simple and easy to use platform to manage that allows:

  • To create an Automatic calls campaign.
  • To set up duration, days and time slots of the campaign.
  • To set the number of attempts for every call
  • To import from a csv file the name lists to contact.
  • To import audio files of the voice message to promote.
  • To set the phone lines number that you want to use for the campaign.

LOAD TALK allows you to develop campaign in short time for:

  • Market research and opinion polls
  • Promotional campaign
  • Event organization with or without invitations
  • Plan and appointment confirmation
  • Staff on the move (technicians – private transport etc) Organization and coordination
  • Transport and delivery goods organization and coordination

Where does LOAD TALK turn

  • • Transport company for disabled persons: at the time of departure of each vehicle, through an integrated app, they can do an automatic call by informing the structure indicating your arrival time, people’s name, the address and the type of the therapeutic activity which will run.
  • Car dealerships that want to verify the satisfaction of the provided services.
  • Real estate agencies that promote new buildings, they can request contact with the agency for more information or to receive SMS, through the use of telephone keyboard.
  • City administration for public service notices.
  • Pharmaceutical companies that provide products letting confirm with pharmacies about the order placed.
  • PMI intersted in the development of the interaction with customers increasing the loyalty.
  • Companies and businesses which goals are the creation of the communication for promotion that also the the achieving the potential clients, resident in specific areas identified for Via and CAP.
  • Group of Supermarkets, using Load Talk, can build customer loyalty using EMAIL, SMS AUTOMATIC CALLS informing about promotions.
  • Finance Companies with Load Talk, can do telephone campaign to promote products.
  • Telecommunication agencies that promote new rate plans, the user can request with the use of the keyboard to make an appointment with the agency for more information or to receive SMS.

LOAD TALK makes automatic calls without operators, memorizing each call and it provides a statistic report at the end of every campaign. Modern companies that choose Load Talk are up with the time, there are a lot of advantages:

  • Cost saving for each operator.
  • Reachability of the target (everyone has a phone number and they are reachable).
  • Specific Feedback for each call.
  • Experts team will follow the company in every moment for assistance.